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Welcome to the home of Tucson Frontrunners!

- Saturday AM walk/run has changed to 8:30 beginning 10/29/15! 

- Just send us a note!

Visiting Phoenix? - Why not do a run with the Phoenix Frontrunners?  They can be found at phxfr.org .

More club info - Our club is now using a Facebook group as a means for communication between members.

Search for "Tucson Frontrunners" on the Facebook search bar.

- Click the below link to reach our Google calendar

This calendar can also be reached from within the Tucson Frontrunners Facebook group.

About Us

Tucson FrontRunners is a walking/running group comprised of LGBT folks, their family and friends, and straight allies.

We have members of all abilities and ages.

Our Walk/Run Information

We currently offer 3 walk/runs.  Our main weekly event is Saturday AM at Reid Park, followed by brunch.  Our other walk/runs are on Monday and Wednesday nights and are less attended during our summer months, and subject to members choosing to show up. 

See page 2 for details (including maps) on all our walk/runs.

Upcoming Events

The hot weather is here, and we need things to do besides walking and running.  Would you like to host or coordinate a group event or outing?  Feel free to step up and take the initiative!

Group photo - May 2014
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